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Lawn Care in Rowlett

Rowlett, Texas

Along Lake Ray Hubbard's shores, Rowlett gleams with natural beauty and urban life. Facing lawn challenges? We're here to elevate Rowlett's scenic landscapes to match its vibrancy.

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Lawn Care in Rockwall

Rockwall, Texas

Rockwall shines with its picturesque harbor and community spirit. Uneven turfs or thirsty gardens? Let us nurture Rockwall's green spaces to perfection.

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Lawn Care in Heath

Heath, Texas

Heath's breathtaking lake views deserve equally stunning lawns. Battling with patchy grass? We're committed to amplifying Heath's luxury through impeccable greenery.

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Lawn Care in Sachse

Sachse, Texas

Spanning two counties, Sachse resonates with unity and growth. Struggling with unruly shrubs? Our touch ensures Sachse's lawns mirror its harmonious essence.

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Lawn Care in Garland

Garland, Texas

Garland's history and dynamism deserve flawlessly manicured landscapes. Pests or poor irrigation? We'll bolster Garland's green heart with unmatched care.

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Lawn Care in Plano

Plano, Texas

At Plano's crossroads of enterprise and tranquility, every lawn should shine. Yellow patches or wild weeds? We're set to redefine Plano's green elegance.

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Lawn Care in Richardson

Richardson, Texas

With its cultural and tech-rich tapestry, Richardson deserves lawns as dynamic as its pulse. Need a landscape revamp? We'll craft green paradises fitting for Richardson's zest.

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Lawn Care in Frisco

Frisco, Texas

As Frisco grows, so should its green embrace. Facing drainage woes or lackluster turfs? Let us transform Frisco's outdoor spaces, blending tradition with modern care.

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Lawn Care in Allen

Allen, Texas

Allen's communal spirit thrives in its lush outdoors. Issues with landscape balance? We're on a mission to enhance Allen's green retreats, perfecting communal bonding.

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Property Types

Residential & Commercial Lawn Care

Patriot HLC is dedicated to enhancing the green landscapes of both homes and businesses. Every lawn, be it the tranquil backdrop of a family home or the professional facade of a commercial establishment, deserves meticulous care and attention. With our blend of precision and passion, we breathe life into landscapes, ensuring that whether it's where you live or work, it reflects excellence.

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Landscape maintenance

Residential Lawn Care

Every home deserves a lawn that mirrors its warmth and beauty. At Patriot HLC, we treat each residential space as our own, infusing it with meticulous care, precision, and a touch of patriotic pride. Whether it's your family's playground or a peaceful retreat, we ensure it's a slice of American paradise.

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Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Lawn Care

First impressions matter, especially in business. With Patriot HLC at the helm, your commercial landscapes transform into inviting, professional spaces that speak volumes. Our veteran-led expertise ensures that every patch of green reflects your business's commitment to excellence, making you stand out in the marketplace.

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Customers Say


John D.

Being a homeowner for over 10 years, I've worked with multiple lawn care services. Patriot HLC outshines them all. Their attention to detail and the pride they take in their work is evident in every blade of grass. Highly recommended!


Michelle R.

I recently switched to Patriot HLC for our office's landscaping needs, and I couldn't be happier. The grounds have never looked better, and their team is always professional. A top-notch service!


Ethan G.

The team at Patriot HLC is phenomenal. Their veteran-led approach brings discipline and precision to their work. My lawn has never looked better. Kudos to the whole crew!


Samantha L.

We hired Patriot HLC for a landscape overhaul and maintenance, and the transformation was nothing short of amazing. Reliable, professional, and with a clear passion for what they do. Thank you for making our outdoor space a dream!"Remember, it's crucial to ensure that any content you use on your website or promotional materials is accurate and honest.

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Any Questions

We Strive To Maintain 100% Customer Satisfaction

At Patriot HLC, your satisfaction is our mission. Should you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to connect with us. A member of our veteran-led team stands ready to assist promptly and efficiently.

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